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:: ABOUT ::

What We Do

PURE is focused on the growth of the Asian 6s community of old blood (red) and new blood (white).

Competitive players requested for skill-integrity servers, while maintaining a balance between the players of different skill levels.

We heard you.


On top of providing skill honing servers for competitive training, including:

1. Advanced PUGs (veterans / equivalent),
2. Novice PUGs (beginners / less experienced players), and
3. Mixed PUGs (a come-together of intermediate and advanced skill level players),

PURE is positioned to provide a balanced competitive environment with mentorship availability, to serve existing competitive players and welcome new blood through individual and dedicated servers.

We believe that growing Asia's 6s competitive scene requires dedication and commitment, and our mentorship academy is here to provide the purpose for inclusion, training and the inculcation of discipline.