General Conduct and Behaviour

Administrators are allowed their discretion to handle individual cases of complaints and observations of non-compliance against our policy against abusive behaviour which includes harassment of any form and inflammatory behaviour.

1. Inciting of racism with the intent to spread ill-will and hostility

2. Harassment of other community members through any official PURE Servers platforms

3. Abusive conduct which may result in another community member leaving a server or the community

The above three general guidelines require only common sense and respect towards each community member to avoid a temporary or permanent ban.

Clause 2 of our anti-harassment policy is enforced in accordance with Chapter 256A of the Singapore Law, under the Protection from Harassment Act.

We understand that as an E-Sports community many remarks made online are made in jest and do not necessarily contain malicious intent but when formal complaints are filed with a senior administrator, action will be taken to ensure the majority of our community members are protected and not subject to harassment or defamation.