Guide to 6s (Introduction for New Players)


At PURE Servers, we are dedicated to providing the community with servers for competitive gameplay (PUGs, Scrims), skills training (MGE 1v1, 2v2, Ultiduo, Bball, Skill Surf) and mentorship (PURE Mentorship).

Our vision is to funnel new blood into the competitive 6s scene in Asia to progressively grow the network of competitive players, a mix of old and new blood, to keep the flag raised and scene alive.

What is 6s / PUGs

This competitive format consists of 6 players on each team to make up a 6v6 gameplay.

The primary meta is fundamentally based on class-limits comprising:

  • 2 soldiers (Roamer, Pocket)

  • 2 scouts (Flank, Pocket / Passive)

  • 1 Demoman

  • 1 Medic

Off-classing is generally used only when necessary, e.g. holding last point of defence, using Heavy, Engineer, Sniper, Pyro, or the occassional Spy.

Most times, only the Roamer or a Scout goes off-class to hold the last line of defence with their team.

In respect of the meta, off-classing to mid fights are not allowed on our PUGs servers, and discouraged in matches (though no rule bars off-classing to mid).

A team of 6 is made up of players that make up the Flank and Combo positions.


These positions include taking critical push and defence routes / points on each map, and it is important for each player to know their positioning in order to facilitate better team coordination and execution top optimise precious game time.


The heal order for a Medic is as follows:


Demoman > Roamer > Scouts > Pocket, and a quick final buff for the Roamer / Demoman again when the entire team arrives at the mid-fight (they are the first to roll-out and take the most amount of damage in their roll-out to the mid-fight).​

Each map timer is set at 30 minutes, and the first team to win 5 rounds, or has the most points when the map timer is up, wins the game.

In 6s competitive format, 5CP maps are played, with the exception of KOTH Product.

(Refer to PURE Mentorship for requesting of mentorship for in-depth walkthroughs and guidance.)

PUGs refer to pickup games, which cover the above summary but with a rolling system (Asia). Different communities have slightly varying guidelines, but there is one common thread running through them: the last two rollers (to spectate) take on the obligatory Medic role and face-off each other in a mid-fight, using melee only.

If a Medic does not comply with using melee only in this deathmatch (DM), he or she is automatically disqualified and the opposing Medic wins.

The winning Medic will then make the first player selection for his team, followed by the other team's medic, and team picks continue alternating between both Medics until the last player is picked, making up 6 players on each team.

When both teams are ready after the pre-game DM, each team will ready-up and the respective round of PUG will begin.

Refer to Beginner's PUG Guidelines and PUG Rules for our community's PUGs.