PURE Mentorship

Welcome to PURE Mentorship Academy

Raising the 6s Flag

We provide the following mentorship tiers within our academy:

1. Basic Mentoring: Introduction to 6s / PUGs - A mentor will walk the new member through maps and basic guidelines through this induction program (1 to 2 sessions depending on time allocated during the first mentoring session)

2. Class-Specific Mentoring - Class mentoring sessions to familiarize players with what is required of their preferred class (average of 4 sessions depending on time allocated per mentoring session and individual player's progress)

3. Team Mentoring - For new and existing teams looking for mentoring (time commitment required from team, team mentor can recommend dropping team if players are constantly absent)

Get in touch on our Discord server's #mentorship-request channel and our admins will take care of the rest.


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