What Warrants a Temporary / Permanent Ban – PUG Rules

a. Temporary Ban – general breaking of PUGs rules with the duration of the temporary ban depending on the player’s prior ban records, contextual severity of the rule broken or approach when issued an initial warning (e.g. attitude towards a PUGs administrator when initially given only a warning)

b. Permanent Ban – Hacking and trade scams are examples of non-negotiable terms for violating of Valve and community guidelines. As a result, no appeals will be entertained.


In general, any behavior or action that is considered a disruption to PUGs without consideration for other players is discouraged.


Players can report violation of PUGs rules privately with Hage (Head of PUGs) or any of our PUGs Administrators.


Ban appeals can be made to Hage, hsr or himari with a valid reason. Please take note that repeat offences (any second offence onwards, not necessarily of the same nature) will have a lower likelihood of a successful ban appeal.


Bans are applicable after administrator's initial warning to player is ignored.


Repeated offences can be qualified based on non-identical prior community / PUGs offences.


Temporary Bans


1. Discord (1st offence: 1-day ban / 2nd offence: 3-days ban / 3rd and subsequent offences: 1-week ban)


1.1 Not using Discord for PUGs


1.2 Delaying a PUG from happening by taking over 5-minutes to join Discord after team picks


1.3 Being deafened on Discord while playing a PUG


1.4 Creating a distraction to team mates on Discord (e.g. mic spamming, etc.)


1.5 Requesting for players to use other voice communications channel


1.6 Requesting for players to use another Discord voice channel aside from the assigned PUGs Discord channels respective of the PUGs server being played on (e.g. non-Novice role player will not be able to use a Novice category voice-channel)


2. General Conduct and Behaviour (1st offence: 1-day ban / 2nd offence: 3-days ban / 3rd and subsequent offences: 1-week ban)


2.1 Forcing a player to sub out because he’s new or not playing up to expectations even while making the effort


2.2 Vote kicking a player for the same reasons as with Clause 2.1


2.3 Spamming of chat while spectating during team picks or during an ongoing PUG


2.4 Toxic behavior and conduct towards other players, including but not limited to, intended racism, inflammatory remarks or deliberately targeting spectator or player with abusive behavior (including using voice communications)


2.5 Griefing or throwing where the majority of a player's team or the opposing team complains


2.6 Harassment, discrimination or any such similar behavior during a PUG or on Discord


2.7 Disregarding an administrator’s warning or instruction

3. Abandoning a PUG or Role (1st offence: 1-day ban / 2nd offence: 3-days ban / 3rd and subsequent offences: 1-week ban)


3.1 Leaving a PUG without calling for and waiting for a substitute to join the team before leaving the server


3.2 Dodging a Medic role


3.3 Not reconnecting to the server within 5-minutes after timing out after rolling


3.4 Not attempting to reach out to a PUGs administrator after having issues re-connecting to the server


3.5 Being AFK in a PUG without calling and waiting for a substitute to join team

4. Novice Role / Alternate Accounts (1st offence: 3-days ban / 2nd offence: 1-week ban / 3rd and subsequent offences: 1-month ban)


4.1 Playing a Novice PUG without the role assigned


4.2 Attempting to play in a Novice PUG using an alternate account


4.3 Attempting to get a Novice role approved using an alternate account


4.4 Using an alternate account to play while on a ban


4.5 Alternate accounts should be first made known to Hage or hsr prior to being used


4.6 Alternate accounts, if allowed for use by an administrator, must not be shared for use with other users (e.g. banned users, etc.)


5. Impersonation


5.1 Impersonating of an administrator results in a warning for the first offence, 1-week ban for the second offence and a permanent ban for the third offence


5.2 Impersonating of other players with intent to (including, but not limited to) smearing and maligning of reputation or any such purpose, or seeking to gain from using another player’s name (1st offence: 3-days ban / 2nd and subsequent offences: 1-month ban)

6. Fresh and Non-Fresh PUGs / Team Picks / Rolling


6.1 (Note): Non-rollers are now allowed to join free picks within 15-seconds after a roll (to allow for players with slower connections to join a PUG)


6.2 Joining up a team when not picked and refusing a picked player’s slot (manual)


6.3 Faking a roll repeatedly to disrupt a PUG (manual)

6.4 Claiming +1 for priority of picks when not applicable (manual)


6.5 Not allowing a medic to retain his team slot even after another team mate / roller has agreed to switch classes

7. Disruptive Off-Classing (1st offence: 1-day ban / 2nd offence: 3-days ban / 3rd and subsequent offences: 1-week ban)


7.1 To a mid-fight for any intent or purpose


7.2 Beyond a single-life rule after defending second or last point (e.g. defending second point while sniping and successfully pushing out with the team after, keeping within a single-life and respawning as the main class played)


7.3 Ignoring team requests for switching back to main class if majority of team mates (3/5) are disagreeable with player using an off-class even for purposes of defence


7.4 Not more than 2 off-classes per team at the same time (and only permissible for the purposes of defending second and last points / breaking stalemates).

Off-classing and free picks rules do not apply to Advanced PUGs for both manual and auto (plugin) rolling. Any offences not listed above will be left to the discretion of PUGs administrators for issuing of disciplinary action, depending on the context and severity of offence.