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Updated Servers List

We are excited to be bringing you the following list of servers that will be launched in phases in September 2017:

  • Advanced PUGs: Individually catered Advanced-level PUGs (weekly password rotation)

  • Mixed PUGs: Come-together PUG server for beginners / Div 3 and Advanced-level PUGs

  • Scrim Bookings: Server dedicated to Scrim bookings

  • MGE (1v1 / 2v2): Iron sharpens iron with monthly (elo) Play-of-the-Month

  • Bball: Independant Bball server

  • Ultiduo: Chemistry is important

  • Skill Surf: Asia's first skill surf server

  • DM: Fight, not flight

  • Casual CP: Casual server with 6s CP maps

We are committed to providing server integrity for players of various skill levels, which is why we have both the Advanced and Div 3 / Beginner PUG individual servers, and players of all skill levels can come together on the mixed-PUG server to play.

Have fun on our skill surf server too, we have several members waiting and asking for its release date so we are rolling this one out with our Advanced PUG, MGE (1v1) and independant Bball servers for our first phase of servers launch.

If you have a scrim and need a server, our Scrim / Mixed PUG server is available for reservations so be sure to get prioritized for server use by booking the server ahead of time!

Have fun guys!

The PURE Team

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