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PURE Mentorship

We have now launched PURE Mentorship, an academy offering the following 3 tiers of mentoring to aspiring and existing competitive 6s players:

1. Basic Mentoring: Introduction to 6s / PUGs - A mentor will walk the new member through maps and basic guidelines through this induction program (1 to 2 sessions depending on time allocated during first mentoring session), new players will be in a comfortable 1-to-1 session where questions regarding the game can be asked and answered

2. Class-Specific Mentoring - Detailed class mentoring to enable player to be familiar with what is required of class played (average of 4 sessions depending on time allocated per mentoring session and individual player's progress)

3. Team Mentoring - For new and existing teams looking for mentoring (time commitment required from team, team mentor can recommend dropping team if players are constantly absent)

Simply leave a message in our Discord channel #mentorship-request for the type of mentorship required and we'll get in touch with you with an assigned mentor.

Do take note that a minimum time commitment and discipline is required for mentorship (especially for #2 and #3) to be respectful of your mentor's time and your own.

New members who have been inducted through mentoring tier #1 can opt for tiers #2 and #3 after, and team mentors can then guide them into getting into teams or forming their own, where necessary.

Enjoy 6s, a dynamic competitive format in TF2!

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