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PNP vs. EVIL - All You Need to Know

Artwork by Wolfy

Open Division – Semi-Finals

The Open Division’s Semi Finals are here!

With the way playoffs are structured, the winner of this week’s Semi-Finals will face off The High Road in the Grand Finals, while the losing team will be resting at third place for this season.

With the two teams having tied in Week 5 of the regular season, there’s no telling who will fall just short and who will grace the Grand Finals next week.

Let’s take a quick look at both teams.


Don’t let their team name fool you – they aren’t entirely “green” as PNP fields an array of players from seasoned veterans to relatively newer potentials. This concoction of experience and youthful brashness was promising even before they brought in d4ryl and space in the mid-season Transfer Window. One of their undeniable strengths lies in their Demoman sh4dlr, whose deathmatch capabilities rivals the best in the division. That is not to say that their other players aren’t playing their part – this team’s line up has a fresh feel to them and I wouldn’t be surprised if they go all the way.

Team Stats:

Wins: 4

Losses: 2

Ties: 1

Win Percentage: 57.14%

Player(s) to look out for: d4ryl space sh4dlr


EVIL is the only team that managed to take a map off of the first seed “The High Road” (THR), but many would still consider them the underdogs here. Reaching playoffs with an unusual score line of 2-0-4 (Every Villain is Lemons more like Every Game is a Tie xD) they beat the 4th seed team Good Fun Have Luck with relative ease. Fielding players from OZFortress Intermediate - Fanatical, Josh and Delphinoid, they might possess the experience and tactical know-how, but ping issues could hinder them. But hey, when you have Gaus and Bee in your arsenal, who’s to say EVIL won’t just deathmatch their way through?

Team Stats:

Wins: 3


Ties: 4

Win Percentage: 42.85%

Player(s) to look out for: Fanatical Delphinoid Gaus

Well there you have it folks, two of the best teams in Open Division battling out to see who gets the final spot in the Grand Finals so we’re waiting to see who the winner is after their match tonight!

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