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PURE League - Medals and Mad Work

Hi guys!

PURE League team registrations are open until 16 May 2018, and teams that want to update their official rosters can do so simply by re-submitting their registrations (taking note to use the same email address the captains originally signed up with).

It's been an interesting journey designing the medals, with much nail biting (unsaved work and accidental pc shut downs) and hair pulling (when layers don't work in the too-early hours of the mornings) but we finally managed to get the designs in place for the tournament.

Here's a peek at how we started from 2D design...

Participant's Medal in 2D

to the beginnings of 3D modeling...

3D modeling in progress

to (one of) the finished products:

Premier 1st Place Medal (backlight not shown)

While we're still waiting for Valve to confirm if the backlight can be used (for the top 3 placement medals of each division), we're excited to bring you the medals for our first official annual tournament of the Hunter's Cup.

Throughout the preparation journey our team has worked hard at the details, but there is no perfect way to doing things.

We can only look at improvements along the way, progressing with the community, and share a laugh at the haphazard quality of the first video we put out, as an afterthought.

It's come to this now, the efforts of the team that has been put in to keep the engine running, and we're thankful to the community for the feedback and registrations we've received so far.

Thank you members for being part of PURE, as always we look forward to serving you better through good days, grumpy days, snappy days and awesome days.

Happy pugging and scrimming!


The PURE Team

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